Each MightyFlare™ is a highly efficient and powerful LED based
electronic flare. Used for a myriad of purposes, it makes an
excellent replacement for fire-based (incendiary) road flares
currently in use at accident scenes.

MightyFlare™ is an optical instrument designed and manufactured
in the USA.Don't let its good looks fool you, MightyFlare™ is
built like a tank. Its designer has engineered lights for fighter jets,
nuclear submarines, explosive mine-resistant vehicles and many
other military platforms.

Using patented Light Path™ technology, MightyFlare™ guides
advancing traffic past accident scenes without the danger of
incendiary flares or the confusion of rotary blinking flares.

Need more info? Click here to see a MightyFlare™ comparison.

You'll find MightyFlares™ in use as:
Road Accident or Obstruction Warning Flares
Emergency Lights for Safety Kits
Distress Beacons
Hiking Emergency Lights
Aircraft Emergency Landing Markers
Construction Markers
Bicycle Night Lights
Visual Effect Lighting
Military Training Exercise Lighting
Standby Lighting During Power Outages
Work Lights
Military Landing Zone Lights
Military Drop Zone Lights
...and Tent, RV, Boat Lights

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